This blog post will explore how we can encourage empathy and understanding for others with the hope of creating more relationships of love in our world. I want to preface by saying that reading this should not offend you in any way. I wrote this to share my thoughts and feelings on understanding others and better empathize with them. I want people who read this post the opportunity to take away what they need from it- whether it’s an idea or just something for their journey towards empathy. …

As a sound designer, my goal is to take listeners to an alternate state of mind through my creation of uniquely atmospheric sounds and songs delivered through a project called

‘The New Adventures of Professor Clock”.

The psychedelic project, currently consisting of 4volumes and serves as a spiritual and audible fine-tuning experience using unconventional sound design. It’s an intentionally calculated, musical experience where sound design & composition meets art.

In late 2011 into 2012, I went through a period of musical ideas, sounds, frequencies, and technology, and later received a plausible story, based on historical fiction of a space//time traveler…

Photo by Toni Smailagić

To my worldwide family:

Hope all of you and your loved ones are safe, healthy and well during this very unusual period we are all going through collectively.

On Saturday March 21, 2020, I released my first ever Visual Album (Audio Experience) thru my YouTube channel.

This project arose from the dust like a phoenix after I had numerous iterations of creative spurts. They were each like synaptic sparks of energy. …

Creating Mix Shows and Podcasts with Taste!

Damien Lamar: Florida-based polymath. Content Creator. Audiophile. Music Producer. Curator & Host of @tastetestradio / Send music:

Hey, what’s jazzin? I’m Damien Lamar a passion-driven Singer-Songwriter, Content Producer, Audiophile, Web & Music Producer based in Jacksonville, Florida. By day, you’ll find me re-envisioning history as the first-ever Operations Manager for the ​Garden Club of Jacksonville. Somewhere in between all of that, I care for the most awesome and loving 9-year old fur baby, make music, and even some occasional creative consulting.

Exclusive interview with Miguel Henry @miguelahenry to discuss the new radio show on WJCT “Taste Test” ( @tastetestradio ) as well as the evolution of social media and how…

An excerpt from The Book of Damien Lamar, Chapter 41

Last week, there were reports that a category 4 “Hurricane Irma”, aka a “beast” of a storm was headed to Florida. Once this hurricane, of epic proportions, made landfall, it impacted countless lives through massive destruction and flooding in the Caribbean and the entire state of Florida. Two days before Irma made landfall in Florida, a large tree limb fell in my front yard, giving me a reason to leave the house. Even though I was not in an evacuation zone or flood-prone area, I didn’t feel safe enough to…

Over the last few weeks, I've experienced quite an amazing revelation about the comparison of dance when paired to music. This is the first time in my “LifeTime” where I had the privilege of working with any dance company in any capacity. Watching experienced choreographers at CooperMorgan Dance Company conjure up magic with MOVE-MEANT to music I strategically produced is a humbling and very sobering experience for me. While sitting in on rehearsals, I have seen first-hand, the dancer’s process of creativity. This type of creativity derived from a totally different vantage point. It was almost foreign to me…


This project is a meticulously and intentionally calculated musical experience where sound design & composition meets art. — Damien Lamar

The recording of the project began in the fall of 2011 and has been built using an iPad, a mixer, sound editing tools, and VSTs. Created for true listeners and those who appreciate the art of visual sound design. the new adventures of professor:clock (series) is an intentionally mixed and un-mastered organic project built from a structured compilation of intensely produced music with ultrasonically crafted sounds, elements, and energies. …

Is what we know about the story true or not and why does hollywood not stick to the letter when they make a biblical movie? 

I really thought about going to see the blockbuster-to-be, “Noah” at the movies this weekend, but I’m on the fence about whether or not I should support a film whose director is atheist and is one who brags about how the movie is “the least biblical film ever made”. Should I wait until the hoopla dies down and pick it at Redbox or wait until one of my friends buys it when it’s released on Blu Ray?

For those of you who've seen the controversial flick; did Darren Aronofsky…

Damien Lamar

Idea Architect. Director. ASCAP Writer/Publisher. Radio Host. Web & Music Producer. Audiophile. Podcaster. Culture Creator.

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