The Evolving Future of Visual and Collaborative Storytelling

Damien Lamar
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This first-of-its-kind, obscure time travel anthology isn’t just about hopping between the past, present, and future. It’s a profound quest to safeguard the wisdom of old, an endeavor that underscores the significance of equilibrium and unity.

In this whirlwind of time-twisting stories, you’ll come face-to-face with humanity’s will and plight to craft tomorrow and the role of time travel in offering redemption and an opportunity to influence the course of history.

Back in 2010, I began my journey into music production. Observing producers at their workstations, some surrounded by racks of modules and gear, others adept at ProTools and Logic, I soaked in their techniques and methods.

By the fall of 2011, I started recording my project using an iPad, a mixer, sound editing tools, and VSTs. “The New Adventures of Professor:Clock” series emerged as a deliberately mixed and unmastered organic project, designed for true aficionados of visual sound design. It was a structured compilation of intricately produced music, where technical and sonic imperfections were strategically ‘perfect.’

Creating this project made me realize I had crafted an ambitious work for those who truly value the art of sound. The music was odd, quirky, unquantized, and out of sync. Inspired by loss and influenced by various genres, I aimed to create music that depicted a world where time was fluid and malleable. Each note and melody hinted at stories of adventure and the indomitable human spirit. This original score ignited a creative fire, leading from music to storytelling and beyond.

The melodies of “The New Adventures of ProfessorClock” inspired me to explore the stories within the music, leading to my debut novel, “Time Traveler’s Digest Anthology.”

“The New Adventures of ProfessorClock” began as an instrumental score, laying the foundation for a story transcending time and space. This composition, born from passion and creativity, became the catalyst for an unexpected creative venture.

As the music played, ProfessorClock emerged in my mind. A time-traveling archivist, constantly seeking to uncover the universe’s mysteries and unlock the secrets of time itself. The score became the soundtrack to his adventures, guiding him through the multiverse in search of answers that had long eluded him. With each composition, I delved deeper into ProfessorClock’s world, creating a life-spanning adventure intertwined with the music in ways I had never imagined.

Thus, the journey began. From music to the multiverse, storytelling became a means of connecting with something greater than ourselves. The evolution of storytelling led me to this moment, where music and narrative collided to create something truly extraordinary. I was confident that we would discover who ProfessorClock was as the ever-changing landscape of storytelling evolved around me, one note at a time.

The melodies of “The New Adventures of ProfessorClock” inspired me to explore the stories within the music, leading to my debut novel, “Time Traveler’s Digest Anthology.” Drawing from human history, I ventured into science fiction, Afrofuturism, and speculative fiction, crafting short stories that challenged conventional notions of time and space. Each story provided a glimpse into worlds where the past, present, and future converged, pushing the limits of possibility.

Through “Time Traveler’s Digest,” I aimed to amplify underrepresented voices, showcasing the resilience of the human experience. By blending ancient wisdom with modern technology, I sought to create stories that resonated across generations and cultures.

“Cronos Catharsis” initially appeared as a track on volume four, capturing the essence of the creative process behind this extensive project. The track resonated so profoundly that it inspired the title for the fifth volume, embodying the evolution and growth of the work. It symbolized not just a song, but the entire journey of crafting this body of art, reflecting the transformative experience and the culmination of effort, emotion, and innovation. This transition marked a significant milestone, solidifying “Cronos Catharsis” as the thematic cornerstone of the ongoing anthology.

From its initial concept to its written form, now titled “Cronos Catharsis — A Living Document(ary),” this work marks a new chapter in storytelling. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, including AI-generated art and immersive multimedia, “Cronos Catharsis” has become a dynamic, evolving digital archive.

Through collaboration between storytellers, artists, and readers, we produce memorable storytelling experiences that adapt to our collective consciousness. “Cronos Catharsis” showcases the potential of visual and collaborative storytelling, breaking barriers between creators and audiences.

Embracing technology, we create stories that entertain, educate, and inspire, uniting us as a global community. Join me as we continue to push the limits of storytelling, ensuring every voice is heard, every story celebrated, and every dream given a chance to become reality.

See you there.

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