I wear lots of hats because The Creator likes to keep me stylish.❤️📲 🌇 🌎 🎤

I am a writer and creative brand strategist, an emerging writer, Simultaneous Professional Multipotentialite & Creative Brand Specialist living in New Hampshire. Besides having a full-time career in workplace investing, I get to “do my part” by sharing original, engaging content to raise the frequency on social media.

🎬 🎥 🎧 🎦 I make cool videos and enjoy talking about food, my travels and adventures (especially when they involve time travel), and writing the short-story series I'm working on called Time Traveler's Digest.

🔥👣 October 15th is our launch party for the book! I'm beyond excited!

✍🏻 My goal is to inspire & empower others to step outside their comfort zone, create the life they want, and start living the life of their dreams.

Fun topics include food, my travels & adventures, and my new life as a writer.👨🏼‍✈️🛫

🌐 Loves & Enjoys Traveling, Movies & TV Shows (especially sci-fi/fantasy), music, good food, wine & craft cocktails.

📺 Check out my 🎥⚡️ and 🎼 on my website: http://www.damienlamar.com

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Damien Lamar

Multipotentialite. 2/5 Pure Generator with Sacral Authority. Creative Director. ASCAP Writer/Publisher. Web & Music Producer. http://www.damienlamar.com