What is NOW:TIME ?

Damien Lamar
2 min readAug 17, 2022


To sum it up, the present moment is all that matters.

That’s what mental time travel tells us. It’s a theory that suggests that the only thing that matters is NOW, and any other time or place is irrelevant.

The past has already happened, and the future hasn’t yet, so it doesn’t matter.

Mental time travel is about being in the moment and enjoying every second, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

The idea behind it is that to be truly happy with your life, you need to be present in every single second of it: whether you’re walking down the street or sitting on your couch watching Netflix (or whatever else).

Time is a construct. It is nothing but a series of moments.

Once again, the present moment is the only thing that matters.

It’s all we have, and it’s all we’ll ever have.

We are so often distracted by the past and future — the things we’ve done, the things we hope to do, the people we’ve met, the people we haven’t met yet. But in reality, all of that is just noise that gets in the way of truly living in this moment. It’s time to let go of what has been and embrace what IS.

This is your moment to practice and implement NOW:TIME into your life.

What is NOW:TIME?

NOW:TIME is seconds so small they’re measured by quantum mechanics instead of classical physics.

Seconds that stretch out into eternity like an infinity pool at midnight on a warm summer night.

Seconds where you can feel everything you’ve ever felt before, everything you’ll ever feel again, and everything in between — all at once.

If you can’t find happiness in the present moment, you’re never going to be happy.

You’re never going to be able to travel back through time and fix your mistakes or change your decisions, because the only thing that matters is now.

It’s not about the past — it’s not about the future — it’s NOW:TIME.



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