Using Creativity to Shape Narratives and Unite Diverse Backgrounds

Damien Lamar
3 min readJul 22, 2023


Experience an adventure in an incredible world where anything, including time travel, is possible!

As a Black man, I often contemplate the role of creativity in shaping my identity and the surrounding world. Creatives have a unique ability to not only consume media and content but also to create it, providing a powerful platform to influence societal narratives and conversations.

I use creativity as a potent tool to express my distinct experiences and viewpoints, take back narratives that have historically been misrepresented or ignored, and contest societal structures and norms that support inequality.

I am able to redefine and shape my own identity through artistic expression, whether it be through music, writing, the visual arts, or dance, and I am able to escape the constrained narratives that have been placed upon me.

By doing this, I not only empower myself but also take part in a larger cultural change movement, encouraging others to embrace their own creativity and tear down any barriers standing in the way of their full potential.

We ALL have the capacity to cross barriers and unite people from various backgrounds. Creativity can ultimately promote greater inclusivity and equity in society.

A Solution

Media consumption constantly bombards us with prescriptive identities and behaviors. These messages, if allowed to define us, can be harmful and limiting. However, we have the power to resist these narratives and create our own.

Our creativity allows us to narrate our stories, share our perspectives, challenge the status quo, and celebrate our culture and traditions. Moreover, our choices as consumers can support and amplify diverse and inclusive voices, reflecting the world we aspire to see.

By harnessing our creativity, we can shape a better world, narrate our stories, celebrate our unique identities, and amplify marginalized voices.

We are as integral to the conversation as the content we consume, and it’s time we make our voices heard.

In the spirit of creating and shaping narratives, I am excited to announce my latest endeavor. I’ve invested my heart and soul into creating a groundbreaking literary speculative fiction podcast. Prepare for the mind-bending journey that awaits within the pages of my upcoming novella, “Time Traveler’s Digest: An Anthology.”

Check out the 3-Week Countdown with this visual “Temporal Visions” launch teaser!

Every word, every chapter, has been etched with thoughtfulness. The weight of each sentence embodies the profoundness of our shared human journey.

This unparalleled masterpiece will immerse you in the awe-inspiring realm of time travel, forever altering your perception of the past and present. Brace yourself for an extraordinary adventure as we venture into uncharted territories and unravel the mysteries of time.

Experience an adventure in an incredible world where anything, including time travel, is possible!

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Damien Lamar Robinson is Florida-bred by way of New York. He is an American author of speculative fiction. Time Traveler’s Digest is his first novel. He currently lives in New Hampshire. Find him on Instagram @iamdamienlamar or by visiting his website at

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