“Social Media, Sharing, and Self Love”

Damien Lamar
3 min readJun 8, 2022
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Have you ever made a huge change in your life, like signing up for a marathon, and felt the need to tell everyone? Suddenly, every conversation must begin with: “I did this…”

If you have then you’re not alone. Humans love announcing things, but there comes a time when it gets old.

You know that feeling when you accomplish something and you can’t wait to tell everyone about it? You think about all the people in your life who might be happy for you and celebrate your success along with you or at least cheer you on from afar.

But what if that urge was gone? What if there was no more need to publicly announce your accomplishments? How would your life look then?


May was Mental Health Awareness Month and “Freddy Mercury Retrograde” did the most! Lemme say — it “hit different”. Let’s just say I got a wake-up call from The Universe.

NOTE TO SELF: You don’t have to announce (or share) everything.

During one of my meditations this week, I came to the awareness that this is a type of self-love and maturity, and it’s not something that happens overnight or comes naturally to everyone. But the next time I feel pressure to share something publically, I will remember that my most important relationships are probably best kept private — for my sake and theirs.

We’ve all been there — celebrating a promotion, feeling like we’ve finally made it. And when people ask us to tell them about it, we over-share. But is that really how I want to treat your accomplishments? Nah… I’m good.

I’ve definitely been guilty of falling into the trap of oversharing without thinking first: as someone who creates content to enlighten, educate, inform, and for a living. I’m constantly finding new things that excite me, or interesting ideas that bubble up in my mind. Yet not every thought needs to be shared in order for me to feel validated — and sometimes not sharing a thought or idea lets me explore it more deeply in private.

Think about it: when you were younger and got frustrated because your parents wouldn’t give you candy or ice cream for…



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