New Moon in Leo (August 2023)

Damien Lamar
2 min readAug 16, 2023
New Moon in Leo is a potent time for rejuvenation.

I’ve been studying astrology between work, life, and all my creative endeavors—can you imagine that?! 😂
Starting today, I want to begin sharing a monthly astrological summary. For each new moon and full moon, you’ll get an update from me similar to the one below.

August 16, 2023

New Moon in Leo, which peaks at 5:38 a.m. E.T., and later on in the evening, the new moon shifts to Virgo at 7:15 p.m. ET.

The New Moon in Leo is a potent time for rejuvenation.

Here’s a simple way to understand the concept of a “new moon.”

Once a month, when the moon and sun are in alignment in the sky, a new lunar cycle begins. A new moon is completely dark from Earth, but eventually, a tiny crescent of light will appear. A new moon’s influence can be felt for about three days before and after the actual lunation, but the moon is only truly “new” during the brief period of time when the sun and the moon are in perfect alignment.

Leo, ruled by the sun, expresses passion, creativity, and a strong sense of self. This is a good time to set intentions and goals for personal development, romance, and creative projects.

As the moon enters Virgo in the evening, the energy shifts to one of practicality, service, and attention to detail, with a mixture of clarity. Mercury rules Virgo, which emphasizes organization, health, and analytical thought. It’s an excellent time to fine-tune plans, declutter, and focus on wellness.

1️⃣ Meditation: Focus on gratitude and setting intentions for the New Moon
2️⃣ Cleanse your space, declutter, and organize.
3️⃣ Start that vision board you’ve been thinking about creating!
4️⃣ Reflect on what you want to manifest in this cycle.
5️⃣ Prioritize self-care!




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