Let Your Silence Become Golden

Damien Lamar
3 min readSep 26, 2021

We’ve all heard that we should speak up and communicate, but we forget that we should also be listening. This includes silence.

When you become silent, the entire Universe speaks.
Our world is an interconnected web that constantly broadcasts signals back and forth across its spectrum at different frequencies under various modes. Some scientists have realized just how much information can be carried on these waves, more than anyone ever could before! The best way to explain this would be in terms of quantum mechanics.

A recent study found out why some people have stronger emotions than others when they experience periods without talking for long durations. Those individuals are less likely to show signs of being stressed or upset due to their ability to regulate themselves better over time through self-control methods. Such as meditation could explain how someone who never interacts socially might make okay living alone while trying not to feel like complete crap all the time!

Somehow we’ve all been trained that silence is a “bad” thing. Silence is a sign of rejection or an indication that we aren’t doing anything useful with our time. The more stuff we fill our days with, the better. It’s an illusion necessary to keep us moving, working, and scrambling to keep up.

Think of the last time you found yourself alone in the middle of silence. You experienced complete quiet with no sound or distraction. It was blissful. I’m sure it felt like all your troubles faded away into thin air. Right? Well, this is called meditation, and it is the practice of finding inner peace. Even if it were for a few minutes.

Silence is not only a form of meditation, nor is it the absence of noise. It can also represent a type of profound communication. Silence is communicated in many ways, like when someone closes their mouth to avoid talking or listening intently to what another person is saying. When we share with others, sometimes words aren’t necessary, and our silence speaks for us.

The mind can be so cluttered with data that it makes listening to the inner callings hard. There is a reason why we meditate or spend time in solitude and silence, and that is because we need time with just ourselves and what we believe in. When we sit and be…

Damien Lamar

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