Elevation Affirmation Series

Calling the Conscious Collective:

Did you know that 528Hz is known as the love frequency? Based on the Solfeggio Frequencies and is known to be a part of the oldest six-tone scale believed to have incorporated sacred music. The 528Hz frequency repairs DNA and heals the body on a cellular level.

I created a 7-minute affirmation video as part of a new “Elevation Affirmation Series”. Each month, I’ll feature a brand new meditation video produced and voiced by yours truly. Listen, relax and raise your vibration.

Repeat these affirmations upon waking and before bed. These affirmations were created for you to manifest your greatness. Incorporate the empowering thoughts of Elevation Affirmations into your daily routine to reshape your reality. Think, believe and receive!

The first video in this series was released in March 2022 and features affirmations for self-love, peace of mind, mental clarity, abundance and more!

You can get it here: damienlamar.com.



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Damien Lamar

Damien Lamar


Multipotentialite. 2/5 Pure Generator with Sacral Authority. Creative Director. ASCAP Writer/Publisher. Web & Music Producer. http://www.damienlamar.com