Cronos Catharsis — A Living Document(ary)

Damien Lamar
2 min readMar 22, 2024

Dear valued reader,

I’m thrilled to introduce you to my second book, “Cronos Catharsis — A Living Document(ary),” a companion novella to my debut, “Time Traveler’s Digest: An Anthology.” This project is the culmination of my deep interest in Egyptology and the enduring mysteries surrounding the Great Library of Alexandria.

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In “Cronos Catharsis,” I create a story that seamlessly combines historical fascination and imaginative fiction. The plot revolves around Demetrius The Wise, a fictional archivist and Khemetic demigod who co-founded The Academy for Time Travelers in the ancient library. Through meticulous research and creative storytelling, I have attempted to accurately depict the beauty of ancient Alexandria, combining it with Afrocentric art to create a distinct aesthetic that connects the past, present, and future.

Inspired by my lifelong connection with the disciplines of Egyptology and the unsolved mysteries of ancient Egyptians, “Cronos Catharsis” delves into alternate realities, challenging historical references and exploring new possibilities. As part of my creative process, I’ve used artwork generated by artificial intelligence to complement my storytelling, creating visuals that reflect the story’s themes and emotions.

Through “Temporal Visions,” a quarterly publication showcasing generate AI art, I hope to challenge traditional storytelling by providing a dynamic multimedia experience that captures the essence of the African diaspora and the enchanting world of Egyptology. This anthology approach allows readers to immerse themselves in a visually appealing world that brings the characters and stories to life.

In a different story, “Time Traveler’s Digest” depicts a Khemetic time traveler teaching students at the Great Library of Alexandria the fundamental rule of time travel, encapsulated in the principle of NOW:TIME. This story introduces Demetrius The Wise and chronicles the catastrophic events that led to the library’s destruction, inviting readers to consider the implications of time travel, colonialism, and capitalism.

My work is a fusion of art and literature, intended to provoke thought and foster a deeper understanding of history’s complexities. Through these novels, I hope to combine ancient wisdom and modern technology, highlighting the intricate elements of time travel as well as the African diaspora’s rich cultural heritage.

I invite you to take a thought-provoking journey with “Cronos Catharsis” and “Time Traveler’s Digest.” Join me as we decipher historical mysteries, challenge mainstream tales, and envision new future possibilities.

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Don’t pass up the opportunity to be a part of this groundbreaking storytelling experience.

Thank you for your ongoing support and enthusiasm. I’m looking forward to sharing this fascinating journey with you.

Best Regards,
Damian Lamar Robinson

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