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Damien Lamar: Florida-based polymath. Content Creator. Audiophile. Music Producer. Curator & Host of @tastetestradio / Send music: https://send.mu/damienlamar

Hey, what’s jazzin? I’m Damien Lamar a passion-driven Singer-Songwriter, Content Producer, Audiophile, Web & Music Producer based in Jacksonville, Florida. By day, you’ll find me re-envisioning history as the first-ever Operations Manager for the ​Garden Club of Jacksonville. Somewhere in between all of that, I care for the most awesome and loving 9-year old fur baby, make music, and even some occasional creative consulting.

Exclusive interview with Miguel Henry @miguelahenry to discuss the new radio show on WJCT “Taste Test” ( @tastetestradio ) as well as the evolution of social media and how it affects our communication in real life.

Two years ago, I was offered a host spot and a major platform to bring urban radio to WJCT 89.9 FM., Northeast Florida’s NPR affiliate. The station broadcasts nationally and with the internet, is streaming is live worldwide. The station’s new president asked WJCT to build urban radio into its programming, perhaps signaling the station’s need to target new audiences. I, of course, jumped at the chance when WJCT offered me an opportunity to host my own show. I feel honored, yet very responsible for what I want their existing listeners (ages 40 and up) to hear. My goal has been to introduce new music to their existing listeners and bring millennials to “redefine urban radio”.

My radio show is a 1-hour long music program music that airs twice a week — on Saturdays and Tuesday nights at 11 PM Eastern / 8 PM Pacific.


  • My first show aired on Sunday at 10 PM January 7th, 2018
  • After one full year on the radio, the station moved Taste Test radio show from Sunday night to Saturday nights at 11 PM; in addition to the already existing slot on Tuesday nights!!

Taste Test, the radio show is listener and member-supported, however, the podcast could really use your continued support.

With both the radio show and the podcast, I’ve set my own expectations for content delivery.

I self-produce, engineer and host two platforms:

[1] Taste Test (which is currently an unpaid volunteer, public service) and [2] Taste Test Live, the podcast.

One main goal I’ve set for myself is to:

  • provide high-quality content to my audience

Patreon support allows us to get monetary support for the production cost of continuing to create new podcast episodes without taking a salary, losing money, or running advertisements on the podcast. To date, we haven’t formally launched our sponsorship platform to get advertisers on board. You sign up and pledge to contribute towards every podcast, video or a new song I may produce with my new band called ‘Neon Motherboard.’ What’s cool is that you can give as little as $2 or $2 Million! Any amount you give is solely up to you and helps to crowdfund this ever-growing project. With your support, you’ll get a chance to see the growth and innovative ways the radio show, Taste Test and the Taste Test Live podcast will be produced plus you’ll get to be publicly recognized for your support.

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Idea Architect. Director. ASCAP Writer/Publisher. Radio Host. Web & Music Producer. Audiophile. Podcaster. Culture Creator. http://www.damienlamar.com