Back to the Beginning: Exploring Animism

The inspiration for this written work came about as a result of a reading I had with the esteemed intuitive coach Darcell Andre.

Damien Lamar
3 min readSep 23


I found his guidance to be very enlightening and beneficial to my spiritual journey. During one of his TikTok live Q&A sessions, I took the opportunity to express my gratitude towards him for the knowledge he imparted. I have been delving into the notion of reconnecting with the Divine Feminine and exploring the true essence of animism. Darcell provided me with a simplified and lucid explanation of these concepts, which reaffirmed my path towards spiritual enlightenment.

Here, I present them to you for further exploration, conversation, and healthy discussion:

Before colonialism and the emergence of machines brought disorder to the world, our ancestors created a remarkable solution to the mayhem that had befallen mankind. They believed in animism, which is the beautiful belief that everything contains the essence of the divine. Deriving from the Latin word “anima,” meaning “breath, spirit, and life,” Animism has been the inspirational force that has restructured their way of life and brought back balance to the world.

Did you know our world (one in the vast orchestration of billions of galaxies) is ONE in which everything, from towering trees to gentle blades of grass, exudes the very essence of God?

Our ancestors revered the plants, loved one another, and treated all living things with kindness and respect. They realized that when they mistreated others, they were also mistreating God, and when they harmed the earth, they were also harming the divine presence within it.

To truly appreciate the beauty and wisdom of this ancient belief system, one must delve into the annals of pre-colonial dynasties like the glorious Khemet and the proud kingdoms that preceded the disruption of our spiritual, emotional, and ecological ecosystem. The truth is here, waiting for those who seek it to find it.

Travel to Hinduism’s mystical depths, where the divine pervades every ritual, prayer, and breath.

Investigate the illuminating teachings of Ifá, an ancient West African religion celebrating Yoruba and Oshun, a tradition that recognizes the interconnectedness of all things.

Discover the mystical traditions of Kemeticism, practiced by ancient Egyptians who understood that the roots of truth ran much deeper than the stories themselves.

Proceed on to the wisdom of the mystery schools and the teachings of the South African sangomas. Not to mention indigenous Native American cultures where the essence of truth thrives in harmony with the land and its inhabitants. There is a common thread running through each of these ancient traditions: a shared understanding of the fundamental principles that gave birth to animism. These principles are at the heart of the matter, dear reader.

We live in a time when there is an imbalance, a discordance, that manifests itself in the chaos of our world. It’s as if a massive storm has descended on us, causing the very foundations of our existence to shake. But don’t despair; the solution is within our reach.

Photo by Martin Sanchez on Unsplash

Restoring balance requires reconnecting with these ancient principles and traditions. Understanding, appreciating, and applying animism can heal us and our communities. Accept nature, be kind to everyone, and remember the divine in everything. To create a harmonious future, we must wake up and revive the spirit of unity and peace from our ancestors and the generations before us.

While it is important to learn from our ancestors and embrace their wisdom, it is also crucial to recognize that the challenges and complexities of the future may require new approaches and solutions that go beyond what our ancestors could have envisioned. We can tap into our ancestors’ wisdom and reinforce and implement their deep connection with the natural world by embracing animism. This understanding can help us rebuild a society that respects and nurtures all living things, fostering a sense of belonging and interconnectedness.

Let us set out on this journey together, forging a new possibilities for inclusion, peace and sustainability for generations to come.



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