Amunet’s Plea For Ethical Solutions

Damien Lamar
3 min readOct 22, 2023
Student time traveler Amunet from Alexandria, Egypt, arrives in the present day with a plea

July 16, 2040

To whom it may concern:

I am Amunet, a scholar from Alexandria, Egypt. I come from a time when the pyramids were the tallest structures anywhere in the world. My insatiable appetite for knowledge led me to seek out guidance that came from Demetrius the Wise. My time travel skills were trained at the illustrious Academy for Time Travelers in the Great Library of Alexandria, which was destroyed.

Imagine a world in which I, a woman from antiquity, am thrust into the unending procession of modernization. Every second reveals a surprising new example of human ingenuity, ranging from the simple implements of my era to the mind-boggling complexity of yours. Time travel is the one phenomenon that captivates me the most among all of these wonders.

Nevertheless, a daunting obstacle is approaching amid all this awe. Sigma Shukran, a classmate of yours, has mysteriously disappeared into what you call “the future”. Sigma is a storm of brilliant insanity, convinced that he is the only one who can save humanity and that no one else can. His scheme uses the very fabric of time as a defense against impending catastrophe; it is an endeavor that is every bit as thrilling as it is terrifying.

To combat genetically modified foods and air pollution, Sigma, who is now the head of the DTSA (Department of Space-Time Anomalies), developed replicants. But beneath the surface of this admirable endeavor is a risky wager with the passage of time. The historians from your past who study time travel seem to be scurrying to find Sigma. The thought of him tampering with timelines, in particular by bringing into existence beings he calls “Terradroids,” sends shivers up all of our collective spines. Although the goals themselves may be good, his goals are diametrically opposed to the unquestionable tenets that guide the Academy’s operations.

The DTSA has deployed these Terradroids, or artificial life forms, to help facilitate their goals. Unfortunately, this has resulted in a severe imbalance in the planet’s ecosystem. As a result, many of the world’s species are in decline, and the environment is deteriorating. We must act to protect our planet and its inhabitants from the devastating effects of Sigma and his Department’s plans. We must reverse the chaos caused by the sudden shift in global economic power balance.

The fact that Sigma chose to create Terradroids as a last-ditch effort to solve the problem has both confused and alarmed us. It is a violation of the Academy’s long-held principles, which emphasize the importance of having respect for the way that time naturally flows. While it is admirable that he is trying to save humanity, he is bringing us one step closer to an inhuman future by doing so.

Sigma’s operations could cause a catastrophic domino effect if left unchecked. Intervention is our only option, and we can only hope that it will not be necessary to take extreme measures. If this is not done, it could lead to a future in which sentient Terradroids rule over the universe, which would be catastrophic. Our only option is to find Sigma, end his behavior, fix the timeline, and protect the future from disturbances. This sense of urgency compels us to take immediate and decisive action. As our inquiry continues, we have realized that waiting is not viable. We must be ready to make difficult choices to obstruct Prime Minister Sigma Shukran and the DTSA’s destructive decisions.

Yours in time,


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