Damien Lamar

Welcome to Radical Acceptance. You’re waking up from the old dream that has kept you caught in a cycle of unnecessary suffering and struggle. Every time you do something, it’s a choice that directly affects the version of reality you experience in the next moment. This may seem complicated to believe right now but keep reading.

Most of us are locked in the same outdated stories that limit us and keep us bound. We want something or believe we want something, yet we don’t have it simply because we never asked for it. We unconsciously set ourselves up for disappointment with our own unconscious obstructions.


On October 9, 2011, I posted my first teaser on Instagram. My love for music has made it an everyday part of my life. I like to take ownership of what I paint on my canvas like an artist. Hence, I have this peculiar relationship with music. As a vocalist…

We’ve all heard that we should speak up and communicate, but we forget that we should also be listening. This includes silence.

When you become silent, the entire Universe speaks.
Our world is an interconnected web that constantly broadcasts signals back and forth across its spectrum at different frequencies under…

Creating Mix Shows and Podcasts with Taste!

Damien Lamar: Florida-based polymath. Content Creator. Audiophile. Music Producer. Curator & Host of @tastetestradio / Send music: https://send.mu/damienlamar

Hey, what’s jazzin? I’m Damien Lamar a passion-driven Singer-Songwriter, Content Producer, Audiophile, Web & Music Producer based in Jacksonville, Florida. By day, you’ll find me re-envisioning history as the first-ever Operations Manager for the ​Garden Club of Jacksonville. …

An excerpt from The Book of Damien Lamar, Chapter 41

Last week, there were reports that a category 4 “Hurricane Irma”, aka a “beast” of a storm was headed to Florida. Once this hurricane, of epic proportions, made landfall, it impacted countless lives through massive destruction and flooding in the…

Damien Lamar

Idea Architect. Director. ASCAP Writer/Publisher. Radio Host. Web & Music Producer. Audiophile. Podcaster. Culture Creator. http://www.damienlamar.com

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