12 years ago, I embarked on an unknown destination.

During my grandmother’s final months in 2011, leading up to her transition in 2012. I spent time with her, completely off-grid: no internet, no Wifi, no cable, only a TV with local channels and a land-line. While she wasn’t speaking and during times where she was resting, I had an iPad 2, a few beat-making apps, and a vivid imagination. At the time, I had not produced any music without the help of other producers. What I created what unorthodox, un-synchronized and extremely amateur.

I had the privilege of sharing “my why” and a read an excerpt from the book during a recent interview on The Global Sunday an international video podcast produced by Diverse Global. Studios.
I was also a guest and shared more insight about the book on “The A.L.I.E.Nation Show” with my friend and former Taste Test Live co-host, Megan Baker.



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Damien Lamar

Multipotentialite. 2/5 Pure Generator with Sacral Authority. Creative Director. ASCAP Writer/Publisher. Web & Music Producer. http://www.damienlamar.com