12 years ago, I embarked on an unknown destination.

Damien Lamar
2 min readOct 15, 2022


During my grandmother’s final months in 2011, leading up to her transition in 2012. I spent time with her, completely off-grid: no internet, no Wifi, no cable, only a TV with local channels and a land-line. While she wasn’t speaking and during times where she was resting, I had an iPad 2, a few beat-making apps, and a vivid imagination. At the time, I had not produced any music without the help of other producers. What I created what unorthodox, un-synchronized and extremely amateur.

Since then, I’ve produced over and hour and half worth of music under the working title of “The New Adventures of ProfessorClock”. I had no real story, only part of a vision to help me continue to create as the years progressed. It was only in the last two years did I realize the story behind my “sound cacophony” was going to be a book.

Today, a portion of my dream finally is being materialized and realized. The first podcast and speculative fiction audio series will serve as companion to my very first novel. It has officially launched and is available for public consumption. The leading story, “Time Has Changed”, is a 20-minute professionally recorded short story that features the music from the four-volume body of work, I appropriately called “QUADRILOGY” — Now, people finally hear and experience it the way it was meant to be.

I have obviously found grief to be a driving force to some of my creativity over the years and I find it interesting the I completed the last four chapters of the book during my sister, Alana’s last few days before she passed in late August this year. Writing the book brought me solace as it was my coping mechanism for grief, which I’ve come to know — all too well.

Watch these full-length interviews to learn more:

I had the privilege of sharing “my why” and a read an excerpt from the book during a recent interview on The Global Sunday an international video podcast produced by Diverse Global. Studios.
I was also a guest and shared more insight about the book on “The A.L.I.E.Nation Show” with my friend and former Taste Test Live co-host, Megan Baker.

Now that the book is completed, I plan on collaborating with other young writers and will be publishing their works on the official website for the project. Plus, I will be finding a literary agent who will get it published and in the hands of readers around the world.

The book will be available in March 2023, and new podcast episodes will be published monthly on the 3rd Saturday leading up to its launch.

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